Ceremonial Uniform :Head kit, Breast Plate, Chains, Saddle, Wallets and saddle bag all very shiny!!! 

Getting ready to go to football: warm rug, head collar, knee boots, loading bit and lead rope.  

Full public order kit, Nose Guard, Face Visor, knee boots, cannon protectors, over reach boots  and that just me!!! 

This is the new baton the police officers carry on the wallets to protect us and themselves in case of any touble 

A close up of our nose guard and visor that fits onto our headkit, we can see so don't worry, it just protects our face from anything thrown at us.

These are called wallets, they fit onto the front of our saddle, in them are first aid kits for the public and the horses, also paperwork for the officer when they issue tickets. 

Our horsebox -Of course where would we be without it, this carries 8 horses and takes us to many football stadiums, although sometimes the drivers are very busy and we have to walk!!! 
















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