Emma, Freddie and their colleagues have to wear special items of uniform and tack when on duty. Find out more below.

Emma's Uniform for the State Opening of Parliament, includes:

Aiguillette - white ornamental braided cord

Black cartouche belt - usually worn by soldiers and often contains cartridges 

Emma and Freddie's Ceremonial Uniform (all very shiny!)

Head kit

Breast Plate



Wallets and saddle bag


Freddie getting ready to work at a football match

Warm rug

Head collar

Knee boots

Loading bit 

Lead rope

Freddie's Full Public Order kit

Nose Guard

Face Visor

Knee boots

Cannon protectors

Over reach boots

Emma's Full Public Order Kit

Flame proof suit


NATO helmet


This is the baton the police officers carry on their wallets to protect their horses and themselves.

Nose guard and visor

This nose guard and visor, that fits onto the horses head kit, protects the horses face from anything that might be thrown at him or her.


Wallets fit onto the front of the horses saddle. Stored inside are first aid kits for the public and the horses, as well as paperwork for the police officer for issuing tickets. 

Horse Box

These large vehicles can carry eight horses and often take Freddie and his friends to football stadiums across London. Although sometimes the drivers are busy and they have to walk!