Meet some of Freddie's colleagues and friends!


Oonah is our little pocket rocket! She lives at Great Scotland Yard and you will often see her at the Changing the Guard and at football matches. She is very friendly out of the stable when on duty but can sometimes be a bit grumpy indoors! She likes her sleep and will often go back to bed in the morning after her breakfast.


Livingstone is a brave and strong horse, and a bit of a legend in the Mounted Branch. He likes to charge about but he knows when it's time to work. He is particularly great at football matches and works well in a team.

If he was a car he would be a Maserati - gorgeous to look at but a bit hard to handle!


Wilbur came to the police after a rough start, he really appreciates the love and fine dining he gets at Great Scotland Yard, although he is still in training he is better than a lot of more experienced horses. Nothing fazes him.  In the riding school he likes to show off and kick his heels about, everyone has to just stand and watch him until he calms down! a bit of a show off! A very friendly chap that will be an asset for years to come!


Unique is a 13 year old Belgian Ardennes breed and stands at 16 hands high (about 1.6 metres). He is very steady and likes to take his time with everything but seems to love his job! He is very grumpy with most horses but really dislikes Ursula, although the feeling is mutual! He is very popular and he even has his own instagram fan club PH DEXTER.